Loch Clash – Design Principles

The Board of Directors met on 14 February 2017 and considered the survey results to date, the community feedback at the two public meetings and informal conversations with local residents.

The Board of Directors came to the following conclusions.

  • Loch Clash Pier should be a public space that happens to have a bunkhouse.  Local people and visitors should feel equally welcome to enjoy the pier.
  • The building should have two main uses:  tourist information/heritage centre/broadband access/meeting place AND bunkhouse accommodation.
  • Because of strong local opposition, we are dropping the café and retail space; however, we hope that the design will have enough flexibility that this may be added in the future.
  • The development should take full advantage of its unique location on the sea.  The heritage centre could contain displays on local maritime history and fishing.  There could be facilities that cater to outdoor activities such as diving or kayaking.
  • The building should “fit in” with other buildings on Loch Clash and should be in scale.  Board members preferred a building that would suggest the pier’s industrial past.

Loch Clash Design Principles February 2017

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