Small Grants Available

Small Grants Available

We have some funds available to provide small grants to local organisations (up to £500).  If you represent a local group and have a project in mind, please send us a brief email telling us about your group and your project.

Your request will go to all Board members for consideration. In the past we have given small grants to organisations such as the Village Hall, the Food Bank and the Ceilidh House. We have also helped with the cost of such items as fireworks, badminton equipment and paint for playgrounds.

If you would like more information please contact the Chair Graham Wild at 01971 521717 or email the Secretary Margaret Meek at

Kinlochbervie Community Energy – Project Update

Report from Kinlochbervie Community Energy Society – 12 June 2022

The Kinlochbervie project has been extremely challenging.  Built in a very remote location and affected by Covid throughout, the planned completion date of November 2021 has shifted to July 2022.  The challenges have been mainly around supply issues, particularly labour supply with specialists such as electricians and joiners very hard to get at times required by the project.  However, the work is now complete.  The turbine house, pipework and in-take are all in place.  The pipes are full of water and the turbine house is connected to the grid.  We have even managed to restore the peat to its original state as per planning conditions.
However, we are waiting for meters to be installed.  Normally, these can be ordered towards the end of construction and be delivered within four weeks.  This has now been stretched to 10 weeks which means they will be installed in early July.  Once meters are in place, we can then begin to import and export electricity and carry out the necessary G99 tests which have to take place before our electricity can be exported to the grid.  We fully expect to be commissioned in July, well in time for the September Feed in Tariff deadline.  The local community are planning an opening event in September and are very excited by what has been achieved.  The increase in electricity prices means they will receive more benefit from the project than was originally envisaged.    

Kinlochbervie Community Council

Click the link to view the approved minutes of the Community Council meeting held on 26 January 2021.

Approved minutes 26th January 2021 KLB CC

The next ZOOM Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 30 March 2021 at 7.00 pm.

Please contact the Community Council if you would like an invitation to attend.