18 Manse Road – Good News

Our local Highland Councillors have awarded us a grant of £3,500 from the Ward Discretionary Fund for work on 18 Manse Road.  This brings our funds available for this project to £20,000.  We’re still short of our target but the end is in sight.

Also, 17 Manse Road is almost ready for occupancy.  It’s been a long time but we’re almost there.

Project Updates – 1 August 2016

Much has happened since the last updates in May.  Please click on the Projects tab to view more information about each of our projects.

  • Loch Clash – Phase 1.  The camper van site is almost completed.  All that remains is the electrical connection, the placement of signs and the final cleanup.
  • Loch Clash – Phase 2.  We were awarded £9,200 from Awards for All in April for a Business Plan.  We are currently trying to secure funding for the shortfall for the Business Plan and for other costs associated with the planning work for Phase 2.
  • 17 Manse Road – We were awarded a grant of £2,000 from the Stronger Sutherland initiative.  This brings the total that we have raised to £22,000.  Renovation work began in June.
  • 18 Manse Road – We have submitted a Business Plan to Highland Council.  The Council’s Resources Committee will consider whether the house can be transferred to us at their meeting at the end of August.  A total of  £17,000 towards the costs of renovating this house has been raised.
  • Community Broadband.  Superfast broadband is expected to be “rolled out” to Kinlochbervie by the end of 2016 with the installation by BT OpenReach of a fibre cabinet in the village.  This will benefit only those who live up to approximately 2.5 km of the cabinet.  However, the Scottish Government has pledged that superfast broadband will be available to all premises in Scotland by 2021.
  • Community Council Minutes.  The Kinlochbervie Community Company is not part of the Community Council; however, the minutes can be viewed/downloaded from our website.  The minutes are also available at the Kinlochbervie community website and at the local garage.