18 Manse Road

26 May 2018


28 April 2018

18 Manse Road is nearing completion and should be ready for occupancy by the start of summer.


18 Manse Road November 2015
18 Manse Road November 2015


May 2017

Our local Highland Councillors have awarded us a grant of £3,500 from the Ward Discretionary Fund for work on 18 Manse Road.  This brings our funds available for this project to £20,000.  We’re still short of our target but the end is in sight.


February 2017

After several glitches with the lease, it has finally be signed.  Work will begin shortly on the refurbishment of this house.


August 2016

The Resources Committee of Highland Council will be considering whether the house at 18 Manse Road can be let on a long-term lease (£1 per year) to the Kinlochbervie Community Company.  If the Committee is supportive, we are in a position to move quickly as we have already been awarded grants of almost £17,000 towards the work (Empty Properties Fund and Highlands and Islands Enterprise).  Another £10,000 remains to be raised.


May 2016

We have made a request to Highland Council to acquire 18 Manse Road on the same terms as the house next door.  At the end of May, the Care and Learning Department will be considering whether the house is surplus to their requirements.  We have submitted a Business Plan for their consideration and have been informed that the Council would be able to give us a grant for part of the renovation costs through the Empty Properties program.

Business Plan for 18 Manse Road 16 May 2016


February 2016

The house at 18 Manse Road is one-half of a pair of semi-detached houses.  It next door neighbour (17 Manse Road) has been vacant since 2008.  Plans are well advanced for the Community Company to take over this property.   The lease with Highland Council is ready for signing, the deed plan is currently being prepared and we are currently seeking funds to renovate the property (over 50% there).  Full information can be seen at:  https://klbcompany.com/17-manse-road/

The house at 18 Manse Road has been vacant since October 1, 2015.  We would like to take over this property as well.  The two were built as a single project and should remain so.  The house is owned by Highland Council through the Department of Care and Learning.  We have expressed an interest in acquiring the house if it is declared surplus to the Council’s requirements.  This request has been forwarded to the Director of Resources for Care and Learning.