Community Survey – Ranking of Potential Uses


Preliminary results from the recent community survey indicate strong support for a (1) a bunkhouse, (2) tourist and heritage information centre and (3) a broadband access terminal.  Support for a café is evenly split between those who think that is very important and those who do not support a cafe because of competition with local businesses.  There is little support for either office or retail space.

In Question 20, respondents were asked to rank 9 potential uses.  The survey is now closed and the overall ranking of uses is as follows:

  1. Low Cost Bunkhouse Accommodation
  2. Tourist and Heritage Information Space
  3. Toilets and Shower Facilities
  4. Broadband Access Terminal
  5. Café
  6. Self-catering Kitchen Facilities
  7. Communal Space
  8. Small Retail Provision
  9. Office Space

Our consultants, Alan Jones Associates, will be analysing the full survey results for the Business Plan which should be completed in the next few weeks.


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