Happy New Year

The Board of Directors of the Kinlochbervie Community Company would like to wish everyone in Kinlochbervie a Happy New Year.  We thank you for your ongoing support.  We were gratified to see such large turnouts for our 2 community meetings this year:  Loch Clash and Beyond in September and the Community Broadband Meeting in October.  Although it may not always be visible, our various projects are moving forwards and we are optimistic that we will see “shovels in the ground” before the summer of 2016.

Update on Community Broadband Study – January 2016

Community Broadband Scotland has approved funding for us to carry out a Stage 1 study to determine what broadband speeds people in Kinlochbervie currently receive and whether there is interest in receiving faster broadband.  Once the necessary paperwork for the grant has been signed, we will start sending out questionnaires.

For more information on the Community Broadband program, please visit:  http://www.communitybroadbandscotland.org

Update on 17 Manse Road – January 2016

The former school house at 17 Manse Road has been vacant for over 7 years.  Currently owned by Highland Council, the Kinlochbervie Community Company is in the final stages of signing a long-term lease for the property (20 years).  We are also in the process of applying  for funding for essential repairs.  We intend to bring the house up to a habitable state and to make it available for rent as family accommodation.  The Highland Small Communities Housing Trust have drawn up a draft proposal for managing the property on our behalf.  Any revenue from rental of the property would help support other initiatives of the Community Company such as acquiring the house next door at 18 Manse Road which became vacant in September.