Loch Clash

September 2017 – Revised Business Plan

This was prepared by Alan Jones Associates and takes into account a new design done by Barry Pearson of Kinlochbervie.

Loch Clash Pier Business Plan September 2017

July 2017 – Draft Business Plan

Alan Jones Associates and Darnton B3 Architects submitted their Draft Business Plan to the Company in July 2017 which can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Loch Clash Pier Draft Business Plan July 2017

This Plan sets out the anticipated revenue and expenditures for the uses requested by the Board (based on community feedback).  Unfortunately, the projections for net revenue in the early years are very tight and we have suggested some operating changes that will be incorporated into the final Plan.  We also feel that the design submitted by the architects is not exactly what we want.  Our biggest concern is that the proposed building occupies too much of the pier.


Slate Painting of Loch Clash in April 2017

Dawne Noble, a recent visitor to Loch Clash, painted the view on a piece of slate she found on the beach there.  We feel that it really captures the feel of the site and Dawne has kindly allowed us to use this image.


Loch Clash Photos

Click the link below to view/download a PDF document containing photos of Loch Clash buildings from the early 1900s to the present day.

Loch Clash Photos

Phase 2 – Business Plan and Design Charrette – Progress Report

Over the past few months, Alan Jones and Associates have been working on an Options Appraisal and Business Plan (funded by the Big Lottery Awards for All) for Phase 2 of the redevelopment of Loch Clash.  At the same time, Alan has been in charge of running a design charrette (funded by the Scottish Government) along with Bob Ramage of Darnton B3 Architects in Glasgow. The outcome will be concept designs for the Phase 2 project.

Approximately 220 surveys on possible uses for the new development were mailed to every household in January.  The survey was also advertised directly through email, on the website and on the Kinlochbervie Facebook page.  The number of completed surveys was 69 (31% – an excellent return).  In addition 2 public meetings were held on 30 January 2017 – one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  These were publicised by posters in local shops, Facebook and this website.  Thirty people signed the attendance sheet.

A full report of the survey will be in the Business Plan.  However, preliminary results indicate strong support for a bunkhouse, tourist and heritage information centre and a broadband access terminal.  Support for a café is evenly split between those who think that is very important and those who do not support a cafe because of competition with local businesses.  There is little support for either office or retail space.

In Question 20, respondents were asked to rank 9 potential uses.  The overall ranking is as follows:

  1. Low Cost Bunkhouse Accommodation
  2. Tourist and Heritage Information Space
  3. Toilets and Shower Facilities
  4. Broadband Access Terminal
  5. Café
  6. Self-catering Kitchen Facilities
  7. Communal Space
  8. Small Retail Provision
  9. Office Space

The Board of Directors met on 14 February 2017 and considered the survey results to date, the community feedback at the two public meetings and informal conversations with local residents.

The Board of Directors came to the following conclusions.

  • Loch Clash Pier should be a public space that happens to have a bunkhouse.  Local people and visitors should feel equally welcome to enjoy the pier.
  • The building should have two main uses:  tourist information/heritage centre/broadband access/meeting place AND bunkhouse accommodation.
  • Because of strong local opposition, we are dropping the café and retail space; however, we hope that the design will have enough flexibility that this may be added in the future.
  • The development should take full advantage of its unique location on the sea.  The heritage centre could contain displays on local maritime history and fishing.  There could be facilities that cater to outdoor activities such as diving or kayaking.
  • The building should “fit in” with other buildings on Loch Clash and should be in scale.  Board members preferred a building that would suggest the pier’s industrial past.

Click the link below for the Board’s full list of Design Principles

Loch Clash Design Principles February 2017


Phase 1 – Visitor to Loch Clash Stopover – March 2017

We received a lovely email (via this website on 2 March 2017) from Tony and Sue Rochester who recently stayed at the Loch Clash Stopover camper van site.

Phase 2 – Planned Public Meeting – January 2017

There will be a public meeting in Kinlochbervie Village Hall on Tuesday 31 January 2017 to share ideas about the next phase of the development of Loch Clash Pier. Two times are offered to suit different schedules: 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm. The meeting is actually what is called a “design charrette” – an “intense event” where people are invited to share their ideas with designers and planners. The outcome will be actual concept designs for the pier that will be presented to the community in a few weeks.

View or download the poster.

Loch Clash Charrette Poster

Phase 2 – Community Survey – January 2017

The Community Company is carrying out a community survey seeking views on the future development of Loch Clash Pier.   We want to know what uses are most important.

The survey may be filled in online:


It may also be completed in the traditional manner and either dropped off at the garage or posted to Graham Wild, Kinlochbervie Community Company, The Uphouse, Portlovorchie, Rhiconich, Lairg  IV27 4RB

Community Survey Cover Letter

Loch Clash Survey 2017

Phase 2 – What Next?

Loch Clash Banner

The Community Company is about to embark on a “design charrette” process – this term refers to an “intense event” (usually a public meeting or workshop) where local people meet with architects and planners to share ideas.  The outcome will be an actual design for the development of the pier that we hope will reflect a shared community vision.

The public meeting will be held on 31 January 2017 at two times to suit different schedules:  3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

At the same time, a community survey is being conducted to seek views on the uses that should be any new building on the pier.

Phase 1 – January 2017

Recent visitors, Vanessa and Nick Warwick, were so impressed with our site and our location that they made us an amazing video for the website.

Phase 1 – Price Change

Effective 1 March 2017, the price per night to stay at the Loch Clash Stopover will be £15.

Phase 1 – Project Update – 1 August 2016

The work is nearly done!  Since the last update, drains have been constructed, the concrete has been laid down, a small retaining wall has been built, the water has been connected and the caravan licence has been obtained.  All that remains is the electrical connection and the placement of information signs.  It will cost £10 per night to stay at the site with payment to be collected at the nearby Spar shop.

Phase 2 begins

It’s time to start planning for Phase 2.  Community consultations carried out in 2011 suggested support for a cafe (similar to the one that had been at the Fisherman’s Mission, a heritage room and bunkhouse accommodation.

In April 2016, we were awarded a grant from Awards for All for £9,200 for the preparation of an Options Appraisal and Business Plan.   We are currently seeking a further £2,800 towards the Business Plan as well as £2,500 for the production of architectural drawings.

Phase 1 – Project Update – 14 May 2016

The site is now almost completely cleared.  The next step is to lay down a concrete surface.  We have been given permission to connect the water.  Application has been made for a caravan licence.  Work has been slower lately waiting for a suitable window to lay concrete but there will be activity soon.

Work Progresses on Site Preparation – 8 March 2016 – 25 March 2016

Work has continued on clearing the site and preparing for future electrical connections.  Water connections will be needed shortly but unfortunately we are still waiting (after 2 months) for a site visit from Scottish Water; we don’t know why it has taken so long but we will keep asking Scottish Water for a date.

The Building Comes Down – 7 March 2016

Former Fish Company Offices
Former Fish Company Offices

In one hour, the former offices of the Kinlochbervie Fish Selling Company were demolished as part of the pier’s redevelopment as a future community hub.  Historically, Loch Clash has been the centre of  fishing in Kinlochbervie.  Originally fish were landed and the markets held in the open air on the pier.  Local people remember today’s building being constructed in the 1950s but it has now been vacant for over 30 years.

It has taken over 10 years to assemble the land and secure the funding.  Now that work has finally begun, we have been gratified to receive a great many positive comments from local people about the development.  But today is also tinged with a little sadness;  so many current and former residents of Kinlochbervie have fond memories of working in this building (sometimes for many years).

We hope to put together a history of the pier and its buildings to display in the new development and welcome any information, stories and photos.  (Please contact Margaret Meek at mmklb@clara.co.uk)

The Work Begins – 24 February 2016

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Before the Start of Work – 22 February 2016

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Site Visit – 13 February  2016

The contractor Robert Elrick, the Project Manager Alan Jones and members of the Kinlochbervie Community Company met at the site today to discuss the work.

The official start date is 22 February 2016 (weather permitting).  Over the next few months derelict caravans will be towed away and buildings will be demolished.  The ground will be levelled, a retaining wall built and 5 surfaced bays for campervans put in with electricity, water and waste disposal.

Loch Clash Pier in the late 1940s

Loch Clash Pier 1948
Loch Clash Pier 1948

January 2016

The demolition and building warrant have been issued.  Alan Jones (project manager) is currently working with Scottish Water to clarify the water supply.

2 November 2015

Permission granted by Highland Council to demolish buildings and prepare site.

25 August 2015

Community Company submitted a planning application to Highland Council.  Reference 15/03237/FUL

Address:   Land 95 metres SE of Loch Clash Pier, Kinlochbervie

Proposal:  Demolish building and disused toilet.  Level site and install 5 electric hook up points and a sewage pump linked into the public sewer.  Provide low level barrier.

Status:  The application is currently being circulated for comment.

All details of the planning application can be viewed on the Highland Council web site.  The information includes a detailed site plan, a detailed description of the proposed work and comments on the application from other departments and agencies and the adv.

Location of Proposed Development:

Site Map

Site Plan



The Kinlochbervie Community Company was established in 2008 as a company limited by guarantee; this status is particulary suitable for voluntary organisations who wit pursue community development projects.  It is also a charity (SC347082).

Initially the Company held public meetings where potential projects could be suggested and discussed.  In November 2010, a Community Project Coordinator was hired was in post until the end December 2013.  The Coordinator’s original mandate was to support local groups who were actively seeking to provide community facilities and to produce a Kinlochbervie Growth Plan. During this period, the Coordinator also carried a community survey, produced information newsletters and oversaw two consultants’ studies (improvement options and housing needs).

In 2011, the Kinlochbervie Growth Plan identified the Loch Clash redevelopment as a key project.  Discussions continued with the land owners regarding the gifting of land on the pier  to the Community Company.  Funding was successfully secured from HIE and the Ward Discretionary Fund for legal expenses related to Loch Clash.

By early 2015, the land that had been held by the Don Fishing Company and the Reay Forest Estates had been transferred to the Company.  Highland Council retained ownership of its portion of the pier but supported the activities of the Community Company.



Throughout this period there were very regular discussions with the Loch Clash pier landowners (Don Fishing Company, Reay Forest Estates and Highland Council) regarding redevelopment of the derelict land.   These discussions were still on-going when the Kinlochbervie Community Company was established in 2008.  Ultimately the Development Partnership dissolved as it was no longer needed.   The Partnership had been successful in building the first Loch Clash improvement: a picnic site on land owned by the Reay Forest Estates.  Under the new entity, the Community Company, discussions with landowners continued.


The Kinlochbervie Community Development Partnership, approached the major owner of Loch Clash pier expressing community interest in the regeneration of the pier.

“We feel that, with the general decline of the Fishing Industry both locally and nationally, that it is important to look to other forms of income for the area, including tourism.  One of our main concerns is that visitors to the area may feel that, because Loch Clash is such a visible area, that the sense of neglect and dereliction pervades throughout the area, giving out entirely the wrong impression.  We feel that there is an opportunity to show to the local community, and to the wider audience also, a sense of optimism for the future, and that this opportunity should be firmly grasped.”

From letter from Kinlochbervie Community Development Partnership to Don Fishing Company Ltd 2 March 2005

This letter marked the beginning of what would prove to be a very long period of discussion with landowners.


In 2004, the recently-formed Kinlochbervie Community Development Partnership produced a proposal containing ideas for the future of Loch Clash.  The proposal stated that Loch Clash, which had been the hub of the local economy for decades, was now derelict.  A number of potential future uses were suggested which would require further exploration as to their viability:  retail/office park, backpacker/youth hostel, café/play area/community garden, diving/boating centre, lobster farm/hatchery, restaurant/diner, heritage centre/museum, information centre/tourist information centre,/service point and camper/caravan stand-points.


Loch Clash Pier 1935

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