Timeline of Events

October 2016

The Annual General Meeting was held on 26 October 2016.  There were around 25 people in attendance.  Current membership stands at 33 (applications received in writing).

Elections were held.  George Corbett joins the Board of Directors along with Graham Wild, Christine MacKenzie, Margaret Meek, James MacDonald, Lawrence MacLeod and Donald McLeod.

Draft Minutes AGM 26 October 2016  (will be considered for approval at next AGM)

Report from the Chair

Approved Minutes AGM 2015

June 2016

Alun Owen resigned as Director and James MacDonald was appointed as a new Director.

2 November 2015

Planning permission granted to demolish the buildings at Loch Clash pier and prepare the site.

September 2015

  • 3 new directors appointed (Margaret Meek, Lawrence MacLeod, Donald MacLeod)
  • John Mann resigned
  • Board of Directors – Graham Wild, Alun Owen, Christine MacKenzie, David Forbes, Margaret Meek, Lawrence MacLeod and Donald MacLeod
  • much of the meeting focussed on the development of Loch Clash – providing information and answering questions

25 August 2015

The Community Company submitted the planning to Highland Council to demolish the buildings on Loch Clash pier, to level the site, to install 5 electric hook up points and a sewage pump linked into the public sewer and to provide a low level barrier.

Full details of the application may be viewed on the Highland Council website.

Summer 2015

Alan Jones Associates hired as project manager for the demolition and site preparation phase of the project.

May 2015

The Community Company has received quotations for project management of this phase of the project (demolition and site preparation).

December 2014

Throughout 2014 the Community Company continued to progress the Loch Clash project.  This involved much correspondence with solicitors, many site visits and discussions with potential funders.

Status as of this date:

  • the 2 land owners have agreed to gift the land and conveyance of deeds expected shortly
  • the Vacant and Derelict Land Fund (VDLF) have agreed to fund the site demolition work
  • HIE provided funding for legal fees
  • the Company is ready to progress to the next stage (hiring a project manager to oversee all stages of the site demolition and preparation)

1 August 2014

David Woodroffe resigned from the Board of Directors.

December 2013

Funding exhausted for post of Community Projects Coordinator.

10 October 2013

Jasmine Clarke resigned from the Board of Directors.

October 2013

Publication of the draft Loch Clash Business/Development Plan

Loch Clash Business and Development Plan revised October 2013

  • the proposal is for a “new eco-friendly building” that “could house a café, heritage centre, bunk house and business units providing long term, permanent employment and business opportunities”.
  • the heritage centre will focus on the history of Kinlochbervie and will also offer tourist information services
  • funding required to develop the project but expected to be self-sustaining once built
  • land has been gifted (Don Fishing and Reay Forest Estates) with legal fees paid for by grants from HIE and the Ward Discretionary Fund
  • process to transfer ownership currently underway
  • the next step will be to apply for funding for a detailed feasibility study, to obtain community approval of a final plan, apply for development funding, prepare and submit a planning application and review and update the Business Plan
  • the next step will be construction

September 2013

Publication of Options Appraisal Report prepared by Peter Dawson.

Kinlochbervie Options Appraisal September 2013

  • 270 questionnaires sent to households with 81 returned (48%)
  • 39 tourists interviewed
  • the aim of the survey was to identify and prioritise the main needs in the area
  • the report stated that “the greatest desire and need within the community is for a return of a focal centre point to the village that was otherwise lost following the closure of the Fishermen’s Mission in 2008”
  • top priorities for local residents local residents:  café/coffee shop, improved transport services, the promotion of the natural area, a tourist information centre and a family-oriented centre
  • top priorities for tourists:  café/coffee shop, a tourist information centre, wifi hotspots and the promotion of the natural area
  • the report stated that the Loch Clash project could address several of the priorities identified by the survey

July 2013

Affordable Housing Needs Survey prepared by The Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust with financial assistance from the Ward Discretionary Fund.

Kinlochberive Housing Needs Survey Report July 2013

  • 160 questionnaires sent to households with 53 returned (33%)
  • snapshot of housing need at time of writing
  • identified the main demand as incoming workers, local young people who have stayed in the area and want to leave home and older people who would like to move to smaller accommodation
  • 87% of respondents agreed with the statement that local people with families and people who work locally should get priority for housing (87% and 83% respectively)
  • over 2/3 of the people surveyed agreed that permanent newcomers were welcome (73%), people with a local family connection should get priority for new homes (71%) and there was a need for more affordable homes to rent (69%)

18 September 2012

Annual General Meeting – two new directors joined the Company (Jasmine Clarke and David Woodroffe) bringing the total to 7.

December 2011

Community Projects Newsletter delivered to every household.

Community Projects Newsletter December 2011


  • the Community Company’s focus is on the Loch Clash project
  • the Don Fishing Company and the Reay Forest Estate have gifted land at Loch Clash to the Community Company
  • the remaining land is owned by Highland Council
  • a draft Business Plan has been produced

21 June 2011

  • Annual General Meeting of the Kinlochbervie Community Company
  • Subscription fee decreased from £1 to nil
  • Funding successfully secured fro HIE and the Councillors’ Ward Discretionary Fund for legal expenses in relation to the Loch Clash development.
  • Applications to the Big Lottery and the Coastal Community Fund were unsuccessful
  • Coordinator’s post extended to end of 2012 with possibility for 1 extra year of funding

April 2011

Community Development Newsletter delivered to every household containing information on the key projects identified in the Growth Plan.

Community Projects Newsletter April 2011

April 2011

Publication of the Kinlochbervie Growth Plan (prepared by the Community Project Coordinator as required by the job description).  The plan recognised the need for Kinlochbervie to “diversify and look at innovative ways to address the challenges confronted by the community in the face of the declining influence of the fishing industry”.  Click here to view the full Kinlochbervie Growth Plan 2011

The Plan reported on 6 key projects that had been selected in consultation with the community (public meetings and questionnaires):

  1. Loch Clash project
    • purchase and development of land at the old harbour for use by residents and tourists
    • the project will include a café, heritage and information centre and bunkhouse
    • landowners have indicated their willingness to gift the land to the community
  2. Village Hall refurbishment
    • Village Hall and Refurbishment Committee currently fundraising for this project
  3. Kinlochbervie Estate Buy Out
    • investigation into the possibility of a buyout was started in 2005 but abandoned for reasons of practicality.
    • the “Growth Plan” suggested that it could be looked at again
  4. Kinlochbervie Play Field Association
    • playing field cannot be used because drains have collapsed
    • there is an Association in place which is seeking funding for the installation of new drains
  5. Loch Innes Project
    • improvement of path around Loch Innes
    • waymarkers have been ordered
  6. Viewpoint
    • development of viewpoint at top of “Big Brae” looking towards Stack, Arkle and Foinaven
    • project to include parking, improved access and an information board
    • currently seeking permission of landowners and crofters

December 2010

Long list of potential projects distributed to community members and feedback requested.

16 November 2010

Public meeting to discuss potential community improvements.

November 2010

Funded by HIE, the Company hired a Community Project Coordinator (Fiona Donaldson) for an initial period of one year (to November 2011).  The remit of the Coordinator was:

  • to support groups who are actively seeking to contribute to the well being of the community through providing worthwhile facilities
  • to produce a “Growth Plan” which would develop suggestions made in a questionnaire

30 June 2010

At a special meeting of the Community Company, it was decided to apply for funding from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) for a Development Officer.  The remit would be advise the Company on “the best ways to achieve successful and sustainable projects undertaken by community groups”.

May 2010

By this date, discussions were underway with the Don Fishing company.  In addition, the Highland Council no longer used the old pier for mooring oil tankers and expressed support for the Community Company using the land.

February 2010

By this date, the Reay Forest Estates had agreed to gift 2 pieces of land – the picnic area and the slipway/access to the beach. Focus shifted to the other landowners.

July 2009

The Company began the process of planning a Loch Clash redevelopment project.  The first step was to meet with the landowners with a view to gifting the land – Reay Forest Estates, the Don Fishing Company and Highland Council.  Thus a very long process began that ultimately involved many, many steps (meetings, corporate decisions, solicitors, Highland Council etc.)

8 July 2009

Inaugural meeting of the Kinlochbervie Community Company.  The purpose of the meeting was to bring community up-to-date on the Company as a legal entity and to have an open forum to discuss possible projects.



3 March 2009

Representatives of the Kinlochbervie Community Company attended a meeting of the Community Council in order to seek input on what might be selected as a suitable development project.  A general discussion followed.


14 August 2008

  • The Kinlochbervie Community Company was registered with Companies House as a private company limited by guarantee.  Click here to view the listing on the Companies House website.
  • Our Scottish Charity Number is SC347082.
  • The directors at time of registration were:  Graham Wild, Alun Owen, John Mann, Christine MacKenzie and David Forbes.
  • Any resident of the community who is over 18 and registered to vote can become a subscriber (cost £1).
  • At the time of registration, there were 25 subscribers.
  • The Kinlochbervie Community Company replaced two previous community groups:  the Kinlochbervie Community Development Partnership (focus on community development) and the Kinlochbervie Voluntary Community Association (focus on youth groups and community transport).


Spring/Summer 2008

The Mission was sold to a private interest before the process of setting up a Community Company could be completed.  Nevertheless it was decided to go ahead with setting up the Company.


19 March 2008

A well-attended public meeting was held to discuss the proposed sell-off of the Fishermen’s Mission by the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen (RNMDSF).  Following a vote, it was agreed to set up a Community Company with a view to acquiring the Mission.