Loch Clash Stopover

The demand for places this September on Loch Clash Stopover has been huge.  We’ve never seen anything like this in our 4 years of operation.  There is a huge increase in demand over last year.

Because of the demand we are now allowing people to park overnight on the pier with our blessing.  The price structure is as follows:

Serviced site – £15 (include electricity, water and waste)

Overnight pier parking – £10 (includes water and waste)

Water and waste only – £5

We have set the maximum capacity at 15 vehicles – 5 at serviced sites and a further 10 on the pier.   We have set the limit of 15 in order to allow appropriate distances between vehicles.  We issue tickets to display on the dashboard.

If incidents of COVID19 rise again and travel restrictions put in place, we will need to consider closing the site.


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