Loch Clash – Phase 2 Proposals

In January we embarked on a “design charrette” that consisted of two public meetings and a survey of what sort of uses community members thought were best for the development of Loch Clash Pier.   The community feedback led us to setting out a series of design principles that reflected the views expressed during the “design charrette” process.  We then asked Barry Pearson to work on a proposal for the pier.

Please click on the link below to view the proposals.  We are seeking community input.  Do you like the proposals?  Do you suggestions?  Any comments may be made to any member of the Board.  Click on the “About” tab above for the email addresses of Board members.  Comments can also be made via the “Contact Us” tab.

The proposals will be presented at a public meeting (date to be confirmed).  The meeting will provide an opportunity to view the original drawings (which are at a larger scale than available here) and to ask any questions.  Nothing is set in stone and we are eager to listen to community opinion.

Artist’s Impression Front View

Artist’s Impression Rear View

Elevations – Front and Rear

West and East Elevations

Ground Floor Layout

First Floor Layout

Attic Floor Layout




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