Broadband Update

Superfast broadband has been available in Kinlochbervie for several weeks .  The cabinet is in Dog Street near the Bijou gift shop.  Initial feedback suggests that customers are receiving speeds between 25 Mbs (at Loch Clash) and 60-70 Mbs (McBeath Court, Innis Place).  In order to obtain fibre broadband, it is necessary to sign up with an internet service provider.  It does not happen automatically.

To get superfast speeds (24 Mbs or more), a property should be within about 1.2 km of the exchange. Beyond this distance, satellite is the only current method available of increasing internet speeds.  If  your current speed is less than 2 Mbs, you might be interested in the Better Broadband Voucher Scheme which can provide a grant of £350 towards satellite installation.

In the future, 4G will be an option in areas not currently covered.  There is currently a program to roll out 4G coverage to all of Scotland by the end of 2018.

The following article from Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband has information about “long lines”; this refers to the situation where properties are too far from the cabinet to benefit from fibre broadband.  This applies to about 50% of the properties in the Kinlochbervie area.

Long Line Information

The following table gives some information about different broadband speeds.

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